We Were Once a Fairytale

Okay, so I’m sorry that I didn’t get this up here sooner.  I’ve known about this short film for a while now, but haven’t been able to watch it.  At first it was only available on itunes for money, and that wasn’t happening.  We Were Once a Fairytale is a collaboration of Kanye West and Spike Jonze.  I’m a big fan of both.  For those who don’t know, Spike is the guy who did Where the Wild Things Are.  Check out this movie.  Kanye gets mad wasted, and some crazy stuff goes down.  Pretty epic.  And it’s getting mad props from the press and the entertainment world.  Check out Mr. West’s blog for some info on that.  So, watch the video, and leave a comment letting me know what you think.

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1 Response to We Were Once a Fairytale

  1. WHAT THE DEUCE, can someone call out rape for Kanye, my man def experienced a rape, this is tough

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