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A Day At The Movies: The Social Network

Ahhhhh…another splendid occasion when my timely actions are followed by timely action on Rashan’s World, thus allowing me to be slightly ahead of the curve.  Tonight, the rather believable, though absolutely fictional tale of Mark Zuckerberg’s journey to becoming the … Continue reading

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Paul Frank Art Attack

Design genius, Paul Frank has an ongoing art contest occurring over the internet, in which contestants can enter any sort of art that they wish, and have it get voted upon by the world.  I saw this on the blog … Continue reading

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The Wild and Wonderful Web: TED

TED.  Who’s Ted, you ask.  Well…I actually have no idea who the heck Ted is, but TED is this awesome site that I found just the other day, and now think is one of the best sites on the internet.  … Continue reading

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So, if you’ve read all of my posts, you could find some clue indicating that I am a big fan of the streaming music website, imeem, and everything that they do…or did.  I just tried to go to the website, … Continue reading

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The Wild and Wonderful Web: Phillip T. Annand

Who is Phillip Annand?  Well.. nobody really, I guess.  Just a college student, with a unique and interesting voice and a couple of different projects, including his own clothing brand, The Award Tour, and The Madbury Club.  He’s also happened … Continue reading

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New Movie: The Wolf Man!!!!

Just saw this trailer while perusing the internet.  I’ve always liked werewolves, and this looks like a pretty good movie about one, so check it out.  And I hadn’t even heard of this before now.  Have I just been in … Continue reading

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Artastic Artist: Simon Birch

Right now I’m chillin with my man Jimmy, in a sweet computer lab on a neighboring rival college’s campus, checking out these amazing macs and exploring my mistress, the internet.  During my my adventure, I stumbled upon the striking work … Continue reading

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