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My Life In China: Being a Waiguoren

Waiguoren loosely translates to foreigner in Mandarin.  The children out in public just stop, point and yell “Waiguoren!” whenever they spotted us out and about.  In China, it is evident when you are an outsider.  Me, I’m black, Chinese people … Continue reading

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Still Me

“It’s been too long…”  It feels like it’s been a few years since I’ve been gone.  But ‘I’m still me.’  And now I’m back, and after Rashan’s World has exponentially been expanded, I’ve got brand new perspectives and opinions, and … Continue reading

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A Day At The Movies: The Karate Kid

I saw The Karate Kid last night. A film about Beijing, while living in Beijing.  And I saw it in a slightly unconventional way…at home.  This movie is still out in theaters, but we were able to get a copy … Continue reading

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Life in China: The Bus

Okay. So I should have started this little post category as soon as I touched down here to share with you all of the intricacies of my dealings with the Chinese culture, and adjusting to life in Beijing in general. … Continue reading

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So, pretty much all of you know, or at least should know that I myself am currently in an LDR (Long Distance Relationship), with my girlfriend, Ashley Rose.  Ashley Rose is currently in Beijing, China working indefinitely.  She won’t be … Continue reading

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