DC Chillin with WALE!!!

I spent the entire day of Christmas eve’s eve in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. finishing up my Christmas shopping with my sister. More about that soon. So, as they day was making it’s way towards a close, we hit up the Ralph Lauren store, Rugby (always a must when close by!). And we’re looking around for a little bit, when I see a dude with dreads and some pretty fresh gear, talking on the phone about some cat in a car accident or something. I immediately turn to my sister, and say, “Yo. That’s Wale “. I recognized him instantly, and he sounded exactly as he does in his music. After a few minutes of trying (probably unsuccessfully) to hide myself watching his every move, I saw my chance as he scoped out the neatly folded rugby shirts on the shelf in front of me, telling his friend how he could ‘layer this with something cool.’ I looked at him and mumbled out something like, ‘I don’t want to bother you, but you’re Wale, right?’ I was surprisingly nervous actually! He of course replied ‘yes,’ and so I told him I was a big fan, and asked if I could get a picture with him. I gave my phone to my sister, and she snapped the shot you see plastered here. He seemed like a really cool, nice guy, and he had surprisingly small hands….whatever. All in all, a really cool experience. And I think one of the coolest parts was that seriously no one else even knew what was up! Just another day in Rashan’s World! Haha! And sorry if the post title was misleading, I wasn’t really CHILLING with Wale, just barely meeting him.

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3 Responses to DC Chillin with WALE!!!

  1. Megawill says:

    Wale is the Man, you are in a picture with Wale, therefore you are also the Man

  2. Justin says:

    Rashan has always been the man…that’s super crazy and way to know your celebs

  3. argunda says:

    thats sick

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