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What Defines You?

What are we made of?  A simple, and extremely complex question to ask of one’s self, as well as to ask of others.  We are all made of, and influenced by different things, and the level and quantity of those … Continue reading

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Rashan’s Erratic Eye

Sorry world.  Or…small portion of the world that is a part of Rashan’s World.  I want to apologize for being off of my job for far too long recently.  So, I figure I’ll just warm all of you up with … Continue reading

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Skate and Create

For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that skateboarding has been an influence on me for quite some time now.  In middle school and high school, I seriously could not go a day with … Continue reading

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Maestro Knows!!!

Browsing around my favorite video site on the internet, Vimeo, I stumbled across this series of videos by this cool Los Angeles dude by the name of Levi Maestro.  His series is called “Maestro Knows.”  Maestro is an original skateboard … Continue reading

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Escape From Tomorrow

This is a sweet video of this guy, Nigel Sylvester, who you might recognize from Nike commercials and ads.  The video is shot by this guy 13th Witness, he has a bunch of videos on vimeo, and many of them … Continue reading

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Today Was A Good Day

We all know, and have known for quite some time now, that Nike makes some of, if not the greatest commercials out there.  And easily the best sports commercials.  But usually, when one thinks of Nike commercials they think of … Continue reading

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