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“I Know My Man Rashan Will Be Bloggin’ This…”

I have a few different reasons for posting this video right about now.  One.  It is, in and of itself, awesome.  And who doesn’t like awesome stuff?  I know that we (me) here at Rashan’s World, think that awesome stuff … Continue reading

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Mr. Hoffman

I am the single biggest fan of future rap superstar, Patrick Hoffman.  If you don’t know by now, it’s time to find out.  Here’s a few of his tracks to soothe your musical ailings.  There is more in the works. … Continue reading

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Musical Mayhem: Alexander Spit

I played one of the tracks from Mr. Alexander Spits’s newest album, Until Next Summer, several weeks ago in my soccer team’s locker room.  Since then one of my friends and teammates, DiLo, has been asking me to hook him … Continue reading

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The Wild and Wonderful Web: Tumblr

So, I’ve mentioned it on here before, but now I’m going to give you a full introduction to Rashan’s World: Tumblr Edition.  First of all, I’ll start off with Tumblr itself.  Tumblr is a massive network of blogs made by … Continue reading

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GOOD Music!

Hopefully you’ve been hearing about Kanye West, and his G.O.O.D. Music Friday program he’s had rolling for the last music.  He and his buddies are just making music, and making music, and they’ve gotta get it out there somehow, so … Continue reading

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Musical Mayhem: Mac Miller

So.  I doubt that you’ve heard anything about this kid yet.  So I’m gonna go ahead and try to be early on this one!  I was talking to my friend, Will Ramsey, on Skype about a week ago, and told … Continue reading

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Hopefully all of you have witnessed and remember the epic Iron Mic Competition from 2003, featuring Envy versus the People’s Champion, Eli.  If not…Then watch the video below before you watch the featured video on top here.  Anywho…apparently in the … Continue reading

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