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World Cup 2010!!!

Ahhhh yes!  After four 365 day groupings, we have once again reached that holiest of sports events that is the FIFA World Cup.  This is the nineteenth edition of the tournament in it’s current form and in case for some … Continue reading

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For some strange reason, earlier on today, I was riding in the car with a few of my friends on the way to a popular Mexican food place in the area.  I can’t remember what the greater topic of conversation … Continue reading

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A Day At The Movies: More Than A Game

Hopefully, all of you have heard of the new documentary, More Than A Game, which came out about a month ago, in theaters nationwide.  Not the usual nationwide release, but a solid flick.  I saw it last night at the … Continue reading

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Okay. So first of all, I want to sincerely apologize for being away and slacking for so long on Rashan’s World.  It was Thanksgiving break…so I took a break.  This thing is like a baby.  It requires constant attention, or … Continue reading

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Crazy Soccer Madness!!!

So, hopefully you’ve already seen the news reports of Junior Defender, Elizabeth Lambert, wreaking absolute havoc on the field in a conference playof game against BYU on Thursday.  Watch the video.  This stuff was absolutely ridiculous!  She easily should have … Continue reading

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The Wild and Wonderful Web: Hoffman’s Head!

So, recently my friend and fellow UN member, (if ya know, then ya know) decided to bite my steez and create a blog of his own! It’s all good though. I encourage his action, and its really a pretty unique … Continue reading

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Welcome to My World!!

So,  this is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a LONG time now.  First of all, I love the internet, it’s great, right?  So now, I’m excited, I actually get to be a part of it!  I’m going to … Continue reading

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