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Official Cool Cat: James Franco

I’m not really one to talk much about the whole “man-crush” idea…but if I were to have one…it would be on this guy.  James Franco.  Honestly, he’s just a G, and I don’t use that term very often.  He’s been … Continue reading

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Weekend Inspiration

Sorry, it’s been a minute since I’ve really been on top of this whole blogging thing.  I’ve been pretty busy myself, trying to pull off some personal aspirations.  But I know now, from first-hand experience that trying to make something … Continue reading

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Sneaker head.  Am I one?  No, not really.  Was I one? You bet!  And it’s not that I’ve lost my love for the athletically inspired staple of streetwear fashion, that is the sneaker.  I still love them just as much … Continue reading

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Back to School

And now, the winter vacation that I have enjoyed to its full extant for a full month now has come to a close.  This is a relatively sad event, but I’m trying to look at it all from the best … Continue reading

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