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My man, Patrick!

So, if you didn’t already know.  Mr. Hoff man is a phenomenal dancer.  As you can easily recognize from this amazing video.  It’s funny because I’ve seen this “Skinny White Kid” get down so much, I was calling out what … Continue reading

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Hilarious Impressions!!!

Okay, so as you know, this is not my typical kind of post at all here on Rashan’s World, but this video is honestly too good to not share with everyone!  I’m not the biggest fan of impressions, in particular, … Continue reading

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Lil Wayne….in the news again.

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So, pretty much all of you know, or at least should know that I myself am currently in an LDR (Long Distance Relationship), with my girlfriend, Ashley Rose.  Ashley Rose is currently in Beijing, China working indefinitely.  She won’t be … Continue reading

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The Wild and Wonderful Web: Hoffman’s Head!

So, recently my friend and fellow UN member, (if ya know, then ya know) decided to bite my steez and create a blog of his own! It’s all good though. I encourage his action, and its really a pretty unique … Continue reading

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And the Oscar goes to….50 Cent!

Wow. I don’t really even know what to say about this video, but I thought that it was actually pretty funny!  50 Cent, cracking on Fat Joe.  I’m not hating on Fat Joe, I’m not really a fan, but I … Continue reading

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