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A Big Day in Music

Okay.  Everyone mark your calendars for September the 14th (One week before my birthday!) because it’s gonna be a doozy.  Mr. Kanye West, The Moon Man Kid Cudi, and Big Sean will all drop their new and anticipated albums.  On … Continue reading

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Soundtrack 2 My Life Video

I have a chance to be kind of early with this one, so I had to take the opportunity.  Scott’s video for his track “Soundtrack 2 My Life” just came out today.  If you don’t really pay much attention to … Continue reading

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How To Make It In America

How exactly does one make it in America?  The question that the pilgrims, slave traders, and millions of immigrants ever since have been dying to get the answer to.  Notice that I intentionally left out the slaves, they certainly were … Continue reading

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Kid Cudi: Pursuit of Happiness

Kid Cudi has pretty much been the man in hip hop for 2009, but I’m not even gonna get into that right now.  That would be better left to my fellow bloggers Mr. Hoffman and Jules.  They’re a little more … Continue reading

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