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Still Cold…

If you’re up on your Kanye West stuff, then you’ve seen this a while back.  But it truly is a classic message from the man himself, put up on his old Kanyeuniversecity Blog about a year ago.  “What has happened … Continue reading

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I Wear So Much Polo They Call Me Ralphie…

If you’ve known me for a while, and you’ve ever been around while I’ve gotten dressed, or have really payed attention to what wear, then you know that I am a fan of the man now known as Ralph Lauren. … Continue reading

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The Wild and Wonderful Web: The Hundreds

The Hundreds.  A great brand and influencer of all things California and “street-wear” culture.  I recently got a sweet t-shirt collabo between them and DC supplier Major, that I showed you all in an earlier post about the quality shop … Continue reading

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Official Cool Cat: Ibn Jasper

So, for a while I’ve been hearing this dude’s name all over the place.  Ibn Jasper.  And you probably have too, at least if you follow hip-hop, fashion, skateboarding culture, and “street” culture.  Well Ibn seems to be found right … Continue reading

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50 Years of GQ

So, GQ actually celebrated it’s fiftieth anniversary two years ago in 2007 (established in 1957 for the mathematically challenged!), but I just found this sweet video, and thought that this would be a great thing to show here! Check it … Continue reading

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Being Preppy?

Preppy. It’s a word that we hear often.  Used in many different ways.  But what does it mean exactly?  What does it mean to be preppy?  I used to think that I was in no way even kind of preppy, … Continue reading

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The Wild and Wonderful Web: Put This On

    Put This On is a really cool blog about timeless and classic men’s clothing that any self respecting, stylish guy should pay a bit of attention too.  Lots of pictures, sweet finds and products from good companies are … Continue reading

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