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It’s ALL GONE!!!

In this whole world of “street wear” or “street culture” or whatever you want to call it, exclusivity seems to be the name of the game.  Everyone wants to have the tightest stuff, but only as long as they’re the … Continue reading

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Fashion Week

It’s Men’s Fashion Week in Paris.  I’m not there.  Neither are you.

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Official Cool Cat: Ibn Jasper

So, for a while I’ve been hearing this dude’s name all over the place.  Ibn Jasper.  And you probably have too, at least if you follow hip-hop, fashion, skateboarding culture, and “street” culture.  Well Ibn seems to be found right … Continue reading

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Maestro Knows!!!

Browsing around my favorite video site on the internet, Vimeo, I stumbled across this series of videos by this cool Los Angeles dude by the name of Levi Maestro.  His series is called “Maestro Knows.”  Maestro is an original skateboard … Continue reading

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50 Years of GQ

So, GQ actually celebrated it’s fiftieth anniversary two years ago in 2007 (established in 1957 for the mathematically challenged!), but I just found this sweet video, and thought that this would be a great thing to show here! Check it … Continue reading

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Being Preppy?

Preppy. It’s a word that we hear often.  Used in many different ways.  But what does it mean exactly?  What does it mean to be preppy?  I used to think that I was in no way even kind of preppy, … Continue reading

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Steven Alan SS 2010

So, I actually tried to post this video a long time ago, when I saw it first, but I didn’t know how to post videos from Vimeo, so it kept on goin.  Anywho, I figured out how to do it … Continue reading

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