New Job: Vineyard Vines!

Hey there, sports fans!  Well…this has nothing to do with sports really, but I just thought that would make for a nice greeting for a day like today (a normal day)!  Anywho, as I so aptly expressed in the above title, I’ve recently procured new employment at the north-east new wave preppy clothing establishment of Vineyard Vines.  V.V. was opening up a new location in the Tyson’s Corner Galleria, just across from the J. Crew there where my man, Will, works, and he sent me a little text message, informing me of the news, and encouraging me to apply.  I followed his suggestion, and now I’m a new hire.  It’s actually been a long road to my working there.  After my freshman year of college, I applied to the Vineyard Vines location in Georgetown for work over the summer.  They took about two months to get back to me,  wanted to hire me, but I was off for school…so that didn’t work out.  I’ve been a fan of Vineyard Vines for quite some time now.  I can remember first seeing some of their ties in a store before they were really a known name at all, and just thinking, ‘Wow! These things are crazy!!’  Now I’ve amassed a decent array of VV merchandise, from their original item, the silk ties,to bow-tie and cummerbund, a light jacket, a parka, several button up and polo shirts, sweaters, a vest, a belt and of course my favorite accessory, hats!  Vineyard Vines is relatively new company for being such a big-time player in the industry, and is a company with a really cool story.  Two brothers, Shep and Ian, who had spent there life growing up in Connecticut, were working boring business jobs in NYC, and decided they didn’t want to anymore.  They quit their jobs, and made ties. They were an instant hit, and the rest is history.  Now they’ve made it onto Rashan’s World!  They’ve come a long way!  Haha!  But seriously, they’ve gone from just a small line of ties, to crafting all manner of apparel that has become preppy staple wear everywhere from Harvard to Hampden-Sydney (I can vouch), and they are rapidly expanding.  Click on the image of their famous whale logo above to link to the Vineyard Vines website, and “Tie One On!”  And if you have some spare time, you should come and visit me at work at Tyson’s Corner Galleria over winter break!  Enjoy.

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Hello, Rashan’s World faithful.  I have been absent for quite a while now from this, the flagship of all that is Rashan’s World, but hopefully another major gap like this will not occur for quite some time (I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…for myself…).  Much has occurred since I last posted on here, as I’m sure very much has happened in your lives over that span.  For me, my college soccer career has come to a sad, but positive end, I’ve continued to traipse along through my senior year at my liberal arts learning institution, feeling as though I should have everything more together now than ever, but realizing it is actually now that I’ve lost my mind, and Perpetually tumbling, tumbling, Tumbling away.  But the more things change, the more they stay the same, and here I humbly sit in my lovely Alexandria abode on yet another lazy Thanksgiving afternoon with my loving family.  I spent the whole of yesterday, (and the earlier hours of today) reUNiting with the most upstanding of chums, whom I’ve grown to appreciate and admire more and more as the years have worn on.  Today I will spend all of my hours at home, and tomorrow I will rise before the sun, and be poised behind the golden gates of that retail cathedral known as the mall, and welcome hundreds of shoppers, eager to spend their money, on that most anticipated of holy shopping holidays, BLACK FRIDAY…So wish me luck tomorrow, and keep everything that has ever had a positive impact on your life thankfully in your mind.  But! We must keep everything in perspective, and as I was reminded Tuesday morning, by my old friend, JB, “Thanksgiving is evil anyway…they didn’t say thanks, and they didn’t give nobody shit!” And with that…I’m out.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy.

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So, by now, knowing that all of my visitors are the coolest cats around, I will be assuming that you’ve seen Kanye West’s brilliant new musical film, Runaway, unleashed upon the world simultaneously across MTV, MTV2, Vh1, and the internet on Saturday.  If you haven’t seen it, then get off of Rashan’s World and quickly head over to to witness, and expand your cultural palette.  I’m not going to give a full review of the film here, as you can easily find that in spades all over the internet.  But instead I’ll share with you a few thoughts on Kanye West in general, and the positivity he is spreading through the art world.  Objectively speaking, from my own perspective of course.  I have for a great while now been a devout fan of Mr. West, and I think if you’ve paid attention, you can tell from my work on Rashan’s World, but I’ve tried to stay away from just blatantly saluting him, trying to be more than just another Kanye fan-site.  But I think that now, many congratulations and exaltations are due.  I appreciate what the man is doing, because he is bringing attention and awareness to art in more ways than just one.  He himself is a creative genius, but he also works with others on his level in different fields, and showcases other art forms.  He collaborated with Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami, helping to elevate both of their statuses.  He’s been working with painter George Condo, on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, who is now getting all kinds of new attention due to his provocative portraits and images for Power, Runaway and the album cover itself.  Italian performance and installation artist, Vanessa Beecroft, was credited as Art Director in the film.  Since the 1990s, she’s been a well known figure in the art world, and perhaps now she’ll be exposed to an even larger audience with the Runaway spotlight shone upon her.  And (since you’ve undoubtedly watched Runaway by now) when was the last time you saw a hip-hop artist showcase ballet?  And not just one waif one point.  But a whole group of talented dancers doing their thing for the world to see, for upwards of five minutes.  Kanye West, you’ve done it again.  I would really love to hear your reactions to the film in the comments section!  Until next time, watch the movie again!  Enjoy.

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The J.Crew Warehouse Sale

Madness.  Madness would have to be the best descriptor of the famous J.Crew warehouse sales held nearly monthly hear in Lynchburg, Virginia.  There is a warehouse/clearance store here, where J.Crew apparel is sold for much less than its typical value.  And no, I don’t mean an outlet.  This place puts outlets to shame.  And that’s on a daily basis.  When the enormous warehouse is opened up for hundreds, nay, thousands of shoppers, the prices are beyond anything you’ve heard for new clothing before.  Boxes upon boxes are set out for the shoppers to rifle through, hoping to find a great deal to savor and take home for next to nothing.  There was one nearly a month ago where I absolutely cleaned up.  I came away with seven oxford shirts, four pairs of slacks, a pair of jeans, two cardigans, a blazer, and a scarf.  And what I think was the steal of the sale, a beautiful navy blue Pea Coat.  I think that’s all.  I almost don’t even want to put the prices on here, because you’ll likely find me lacking in credibility.  The shirts went for ten dollars each, the pants about the same, the sweaters as well.  The jacket went for twenty, and the coat for only forty dollars.  The next sale will begin at the J.Crew Millrace Clearance Store in approximately three hours from now.  At eight AM, Saturday, October 23, and continue until Sunday at six PM.  If you’re around, you must attend.  I don’t think I’ll be purchasing too much, but I will have my eyes open for a few choice items.  I’ll mostly be going to help out my buddy, Habib, who’s been trying to get to one of these for a while, and who’s looking to potentially drop some real cash.  If he spends a hundred dollars, he’ll likely be getting over a thousand dollars worth of merchandise…I think he’ll come out on top, as long as he doesn’t get stomped by some of the female shoppers there.  Anywho, check out the pictures above and below in the slideshow of my purchases and of the last sale I went to with my buddy, Alberto.  (Who also made out like a bandit!)  Hope to see you there!  Enjoy.

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POST #200!!!!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from Rashan’s World for a little bit too long.  It’s because my two hundredth post has been sitting here, looming above me, waiting to be filled with some sort of earth shattering content worthy of a such a milestone.  I’ve turned over a million different ideas in my head for what I should do, but couldn’t decide.  So I elicited the help of some close friends.  I got the advice to do a sort of take on my own fashion style and whatnot, and that is an excellent idea, which you will see carried out soon on these very pages.  Another idea was to do something about my own art….inspiration has been rough these days, but I think I have something going now!  You’ll have to look out for that!  The last suggestion was to just kind of let it go, let it happen, don’t weigh it too seriously, wait for post number 500 for that!  And I guess I’ve kind of gone in that direction.  Just letting you all know what’s up.  Keep living, and keep reading.  Look out for some major moves coming up soon!  Enjoy.

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Musical Mayhem: Alexander Spit

I played one of the tracks from Mr. Alexander Spits’s newest album, Until Next Summer, several weeks ago in my soccer team’s locker room.  Since then one of my friends and teammates, DiLo, has been asking me to hook him up with the link to download the music.  I have kept forgetting about it, and I’ve kept kicking myself every time I see him and realize that I forgot again. So as I was sitting here at my desk in my dorm room, preparing to send him the link, I thought to myself, ‘why don’t I just share this with everyone.  We all deserve some good, new, free music!  Alexander Spit is part of The Hundreds family, coming out of the glorious West Coast city of San Francisco.  The album is pretty cool, with some nice rhymes, and solid left side production.  He mainly talks about normal people stuff like his girl dangling her legs off the handle bar of his bike, and skipping church to watch Raiders games, so I like his content, just talking about his life, and the things he knows.  His track, Our Time, has officially made its way into my constant rotation and it’s pretty much an anthem, so go ahead and click the album image above to link to his website where you can download the album for free.  Enjoy!

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The Wild And Wonderful Web: The Madbury Club

The Madbury Club.  What it is exactly still somewhat eludes me, but I’ve been keeping my eyes on the project since day one, and am thoroughly impressed with what has been unveiled so far.  As I mentioned, I’m not quite sure how to label it, perhaps I shouldn’t try, as even it their self manufactured description, the website is portrayed as neither a blog nor an online magazine.  From my perspective, its really a passion project combining the talents and drives of a collective of like-minded individuals, sharing their own experiences and ideas in an attempt to spread positivity.  Much like I attempt to do here with Rashan’s World, but in a unique, new, and thought provoking manner.  The Club compiles an abundance of original content in multiple forms, chiefly photography, video and an affluence (yes, that is a proper usage!) of the written word.  They touch on everything under the son that pertains to them, from food, to travel, to music, style, sports, movies and just all facets of life in general.  One of the brains behind the Madbury Club is Phillip Annand of Award Tour fame, who I’ve written about before on the virtual pages of Rashan’s World.  They have a good thing going on over there, and they have an accompanying Tumblr going on as well.  So check out the video below, and click on the photo above to link the The Madbury Club and discover some people doing some things a little bit differently on this ever evolving thing that I love called the internet.  Enjoy.


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