The J.Crew Warehouse Sale

Madness.  Madness would have to be the best descriptor of the famous J.Crew warehouse sales held nearly monthly hear in Lynchburg, Virginia.  There is a warehouse/clearance store here, where J.Crew apparel is sold for much less than its typical value.  And no, I don’t mean an outlet.  This place puts outlets to shame.  And that’s on a daily basis.  When the enormous warehouse is opened up for hundreds, nay, thousands of shoppers, the prices are beyond anything you’ve heard for new clothing before.  Boxes upon boxes are set out for the shoppers to rifle through, hoping to find a great deal to savor and take home for next to nothing.  There was one nearly a month ago where I absolutely cleaned up.  I came away with seven oxford shirts, four pairs of slacks, a pair of jeans, two cardigans, a blazer, and a scarf.  And what I think was the steal of the sale, a beautiful navy blue Pea Coat.  I think that’s all.  I almost don’t even want to put the prices on here, because you’ll likely find me lacking in credibility.  The shirts went for ten dollars each, the pants about the same, the sweaters as well.  The jacket went for twenty, and the coat for only forty dollars.  The next sale will begin at the J.Crew Millrace Clearance Store in approximately three hours from now.  At eight AM, Saturday, October 23, and continue until Sunday at six PM.  If you’re around, you must attend.  I don’t think I’ll be purchasing too much, but I will have my eyes open for a few choice items.  I’ll mostly be going to help out my buddy, Habib, who’s been trying to get to one of these for a while, and who’s looking to potentially drop some real cash.  If he spends a hundred dollars, he’ll likely be getting over a thousand dollars worth of merchandise…I think he’ll come out on top, as long as he doesn’t get stomped by some of the female shoppers there.  Anywho, check out the pictures above and below in the slideshow of my purchases and of the last sale I went to with my buddy, Alberto.  (Who also made out like a bandit!)  Hope to see you there!  Enjoy.

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POST #200!!!!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from Rashan’s World for a little bit too long.  It’s because my two hundredth post has been sitting here, looming above me, waiting to be filled with some sort of earth shattering content worthy of a such a milestone.  I’ve turned over a million different ideas in my head for what I should do, but couldn’t decide.  So I elicited the help of some close friends.  I got the advice to do a sort of take on my own fashion style and whatnot, and that is an excellent idea, which you will see carried out soon on these very pages.  Another idea was to do something about my own art….inspiration has been rough these days, but I think I have something going now!  You’ll have to look out for that!  The last suggestion was to just kind of let it go, let it happen, don’t weigh it too seriously, wait for post number 500 for that!  And I guess I’ve kind of gone in that direction.  Just letting you all know what’s up.  Keep living, and keep reading.  Look out for some major moves coming up soon!  Enjoy.

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Musical Mayhem: Alexander Spit

I played one of the tracks from Mr. Alexander Spits’s newest album, Until Next Summer, several weeks ago in my soccer team’s locker room.  Since then one of my friends and teammates, DiLo, has been asking me to hook him up with the link to download the music.  I have kept forgetting about it, and I’ve kept kicking myself every time I see him and realize that I forgot again. So as I was sitting here at my desk in my dorm room, preparing to send him the link, I thought to myself, ‘why don’t I just share this with everyone.  We all deserve some good, new, free music!  Alexander Spit is part of The Hundreds family, coming out of the glorious West Coast city of San Francisco.  The album is pretty cool, with some nice rhymes, and solid left side production.  He mainly talks about normal people stuff like his girl dangling her legs off the handle bar of his bike, and skipping church to watch Raiders games, so I like his content, just talking about his life, and the things he knows.  His track, Our Time, has officially made its way into my constant rotation and it’s pretty much an anthem, so go ahead and click the album image above to link to his website where you can download the album for free.  Enjoy!

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The Wild And Wonderful Web: The Madbury Club

The Madbury Club.  What it is exactly still somewhat eludes me, but I’ve been keeping my eyes on the project since day one, and am thoroughly impressed with what has been unveiled so far.  As I mentioned, I’m not quite sure how to label it, perhaps I shouldn’t try, as even it their self manufactured description, the website is portrayed as neither a blog nor an online magazine.  From my perspective, its really a passion project combining the talents and drives of a collective of like-minded individuals, sharing their own experiences and ideas in an attempt to spread positivity.  Much like I attempt to do here with Rashan’s World, but in a unique, new, and thought provoking manner.  The Club compiles an abundance of original content in multiple forms, chiefly photography, video and an affluence (yes, that is a proper usage!) of the written word.  They touch on everything under the son that pertains to them, from food, to travel, to music, style, sports, movies and just all facets of life in general.  One of the brains behind the Madbury Club is Phillip Annand of Award Tour fame, who I’ve written about before on the virtual pages of Rashan’s World.  They have a good thing going on over there, and they have an accompanying Tumblr going on as well.  So check out the video below, and click on the photo above to link the The Madbury Club and discover some people doing some things a little bit differently on this ever evolving thing that I love called the internet.  Enjoy.


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Manual Magic

If you know me personally, then you’ll know that I love to take pictures.  I’ll use my phone, my digital camera, someone else’s camera, or whatever weapon I have on me at the moment, I always try to have at least one at all times.  This semester, I’ve finally gotten a chance to take a photography course at school.  It’s taken me three years just to get in!  Anywho, for the class I got a new beauty of a photograph capturing machine, a Canon AE-1, a 35mm manual SLR from the late seventies, in just about perfect condition.  It is the camera you see in your head when you think camera. It’s kind of complicated, but simple enough to use once you’ve gotten the idea of it, and it takes beautiful pictures.  That’s one of my first prints from my first roll with this bad boy below!  Luckily I developed the film correctly, as I totally messed my second roll up so badly that it had to be thrown away in its entirety.  A moment of silence please…..Well hopefully it will only be onward and upward from here on out.  Hopefully I’ll get my scanner set up, and I’ll be able to give you all some proper images of my photos in the near future.  But for now…Enjoy.

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A Day At The Movies: The Social Network

Ahhhhh…another splendid occasion when my timely actions are followed by timely action on Rashan’s World, thus allowing me to be slightly ahead of the curve.  Tonight, the rather believable, though absolutely fictional tale of Mark Zuckerberg’s journey to becoming the world’s youngest billionaire (true fact), The Social Network debuted on the silver screens of hundreds of thousands of local movie theaters all across this nation.  And I was one of those millions of eager viewers who rushed out to witness the fabled tale that I’ll never truly know, due to law suits and non-disclosure agreements galore.  Alas…I was thoroughly entertained.  If you’re reading this blog post, then there is in fact a significant chance that you have Facebook, and know exactly who Mark Zuckerberg is.  But you do not know all of the other individuals involved that led to the ultimate creation of the social network which you (the average Facebook user) spend fifty-five minutes of your day on.  The film does a great job telling that story.  It was funny, cool, educational, and emotional.  And a must see for our generation.  And if you’re after the art content of the film, there is a scene featuring a rowing race upon the waters of Great Britain, between the Crimson of Harvard and a Dutch team that is to die for (to die for?), The whole scene is shot in tilt-shift, and set to the tune of Amilcare Ponchielli’s Dance of the Hours. Striking.  So, race out to see the film, for as we find out in the movie, its all about being early.  And if the mood should so strike you…friend me. Oh!  And actually click on the post title at the top to see the post page, and check out the fancy Faceook ‘like’ and Twitter ‘Tweet’ buttons!  Enjoy.

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My Life In China: Being a Waiguoren

Waiguoren loosely translates to foreigner in Mandarin.  The children out in public just stop, point and yell “Waiguoren!” whenever they spotted us out and about.  In China, it is evident when you are an outsider.  Me, I’m black, Chinese people are not.  Ashley Rose, she’s white, with blonde hair.  Again illustrating how it was absolutely impossible to go unnoticed in the streets of Beijing.  This is not always a horrible thing, as the people of the city are generally harmless, and will only give you positive attention.  But no matter what, you will get lots of attention.  After a while it can really grate on you, and especially when you’re having a day, everyone staring at you can be too much to handle…but as long as they are calling you waiguoren and not louwai…you’re okay!  On a day out in Wangfujing, Ashley and I were, as usual, some of very few foreigners in sight.  It had been a long day out, and we decided that we needed a break from the oppressive Beijing heat, and we stopped at a Vitamin Water shop.  Yes, a shop specializing in Vitamin Water…its a big deal out there.  We sat down at a table next to a group of young boys.  Once they saw us sit next to them, they were psyched, to say the least.  We could hear them talking, I am no Chinese expert, but it doesn’t matter, anywhere you go, you can tell when someone’s talking about you.  Next they pulled a little digital camera, and were trying to take snapshots of us on the fly.  Yes.  They were covertly taking pictures.  People would come up all the time on the street and ask for photos with us, and some people would just blatantly shoot us without permission…but these kids were on a secret mission.  We quickly were wise of their enterprise though, and to play back, I decided to take some spy photos of my own.  The results of which you can see here.  They knew what we were up to and it was all good, a little bit of laughter on a hot summer day.  But we still weren’t going to sit around for them to take as many pictures of us as they wanted though!  You can see Ashley Rose hiding behind the Goosebumps book we just bought a few minutes earlier!  Enjoy.


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A Day At The Movies: The Town

Friday night of last week came around, and I had to hit up the movie theater.  Both The Town and Devil were premiering for popular consumption.  And both were on my list.  I still haven’t gotten around to watching Gone Baby Gone, Ben Affleck’s previous Tour de Force, I have only heard good things about his directorial skills, and I believe that The Town serves as a positive addition to his credit list.  This was a great film, a definite recommendation.  A good blend of action and plot to tell the story.  The acting wasn’t too bad either.  Jeremy Renner played a crazy person very well, as we all know by now that he can.  Jon Hamm, of Mad Men fame, did well as an absolute jerk from the FBI.  He was the “good” guy, and I absolutely hated him.  Ben Affleck also did a pretty good job, though I now share the belief with my sister that he is better director than actor.  A great director and a solid actor when portraying the right role.  The only weak spot from an acting standpoint probably came out of Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively.  She did a good job of coming across as less than educated, but maybe that’s not really the role for her.  I think she should stick to the upper East side of Manhattan, and not Charlestown, the troubled region of Boston where the delinquent heroes of the story hail from.  The pacing is great, with a lot of good talking scenes, paired up with very suspenseful action scenes, where you can really feel the intensity of the crime, and the thin line between success and failure of the operations.  A must for those of you who enjoy good movies.  Enjoy.


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The Wild and Wonderful Web: Tumblr

So, I’ve mentioned it on here before, but now I’m going to give you a full introduction to Rashan’s World: Tumblr Edition.  First of all, I’ll start off with Tumblr itself.  Tumblr is a massive network of blogs made by millions of users around the world who create new content and “reblog” content from other Tumblr users, leaving links to easily navigate from Tumblog to Tumblog.  As soon as you sign up, you are given a blog where you can easily share things that you like with other users, or you can definitely choose not to create anything yourself at all, and just enjoy what others post.  When you find users whose taste you really enjoy, you can choose to Follow them, and all of their posts will instantly be sent to your dashboard, your Tumblr homepage.  So you basically end up crafting the greatest blog ever, filled with stuff from people who you like.  There are 18 different people who I follow, including photographers 13th Witness, and Terry Richardson at Terry’s Diary, comedian Aziz Ansari at Aziz is Bored, The Economist, Best of Wikipedia, The Madbury Club and two of my friends, Megawillpower, and Legendsaremade.  As you can see, the choices are vast, and there are many more blogs which I appreciate greatly, but don’t choose to follow because the pure amont of information they post would absolutely flood my dashboard!  So if you have aspirations to become a blogger, but want to test the waters with a simpler format, Tumblr is a good choice.  Or if that’s not your bag at all, you should still check it all out, because I’m sure you will like what you find!

Now, Rashan’s World on Tumblr, is a mixed bag of all that is me, just like the very blog which you have miraculously navigated your way to, and have chosen to indulge in currently.  But there are many differences.  On Tumblr, I never go in depth on anything, and rarely even put more than five words down by way of my Apple keyboard.  Its content mainly consists of visual pleasure, still images and video.  Fashion, art, music, products, links, quotes, et cetera, et cetera…Everything that I love and want to share, but doesn’t quite make it here, where I like to indulge a bit more.  So, click one of the two images sandwiching this mass of text to link to the second dimension of Rashan’s World.  Give it a spin, and let me know what you think!  Enjoy.

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Everything Is A Remix

The statement printed above is the absolute truth.  And is something that I’ve been learning more and more over time.  There are, for the most part, no new ideas left.  New things can be created by maybe taking something old and putting it on its ear, or blending two or more different things together.  But as far as I can think, or have ascertained, an absolutely original idea is neigh impossible, outside of divine inspiration or something of the like.  Even when you think you have something new, you have undoubtedly been at least been subconsciously influenced by a myriad of ideas you’ve experienced in your lifetime.  Now, you might be thinking, ‘why is Rashan trying to put a damper on creativity?’  And that is not at all what I’m trying to do.  If anything, I hope to be perpetuating creativity by freeing people up to the realization that it’s okay to…borrow from those who have come before.  I guarantee that whoever you look up to as an original or independent thinker did a bit of it themselves.  And all of that is exactly what this video, and hopefully impending video series by a gentleman by the name of Kirby Ferguson is all about.  And illustrated in a very well done, well researched, and entertaining manner.  Watch the video.  Learn.  Be freed. Enjoy.

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