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Musical Mayhem: Local Natives

I first heard of the band, Local Natives, from my west coast buddy, Frankie.  He attended this year’s well documented and supposedly (I believe so) amazing music festival, Coachella.  There he saw a number of stellar performances, and heard a … Continue reading

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So, if you’re any sort of regular visitor to Rashan’s World, then by now you must know that I am a big fan of one Levi Maestro.  And even if you’ve never been here before, but have been around me … Continue reading

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The Wild And Wonderful Web: Street Etiquette

I’ve been onto these characters, Travis and Josh, for a minute now, but I’m kinda late in the grand scheme of things.  But I don’t feel badly, as I know they are just riding the wave upwards to new heights, … Continue reading

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Cheetah Girl Gone Wild!

Okay, so it’s a distinct possibility that you’ve seen this already, but this video has just come to my attention as of yesterday, by way of fellow DMV’er Brittany, who is living and working in China now after graduating college … Continue reading

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My man, Patrick!

So, if you didn’t already know.  Mr. Hoff man is a phenomenal dancer.  As you can easily recognize from this amazing video.  It’s funny because I’ve seen this “Skinny White Kid” get down so much, I was calling out what … Continue reading

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Asians Are Crazy!!!: Capsule Hotels

So, this is a new type of blog post I’ve been thinking about making for a while.  Asians are crazy.  By saying this, am I insinuating that all Asian people are in any way, actually insane?  No. I am however … Continue reading

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Wale’s “Diary”

The title could be a bit misleading…this song isn’t about Wale’s diary at all.  But all you have to do is listen to the song to find that out.  So, putting up music videos on here isn’t a standard tactic … Continue reading

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I’m Beamin’!!!!

I don’t usually like to just post music videos, unless I have the opportunity to be early.  And I’m pretty early on this one.  As far as I know, this video to “Beamin,” Lupe Fiasco’s first single off of his … Continue reading

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Weekend Inspiration

Sorry, it’s been a minute since I’ve really been on top of this whole blogging thing.  I’ve been pretty busy myself, trying to pull off some personal aspirations.  But I know now, from first-hand experience that trying to make something … Continue reading

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Artastic Artist: Terry Richardson

Sorry everyone, I’ve been away from the blogging machine for a few days now.  So here’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now.  I’ve done many Artastic Artist posts before, but I don’t think ever before about … Continue reading

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