“I Know My Man Rashan Will Be Bloggin’ This…”

I have a few different reasons for posting this video right about now.  One.  It is, in and of itself, awesome.  And who doesn’t like awesome stuff?  I know that we (me) here at Rashan’s World, think that awesome stuff makes the world go round.  Second.  This is my boy, Patrick Hoffman, who when he gets his act together is about to blow and go global.  He’s the best rapper you’ve never heard before.  OR if you frequent Rashan’s World, you should have heard his material by now!  And thirdly, I’m dropping this right now in preparation for RANDY BOI PARTY 2011.  For now, keep that on the QT, as we’re technically not allowed to start advertising quite yet, but let’s get the party started here on Rashan’s World!  February 12 will be the day you’ve been waiting for, and the biggest bash that my tiny liberal arts college has ever seen!  This thing has literally been about three years in the making.  So come out if you have the chance.  Better yet…rearrange your schedule so that you make it down.  More details will be coming soon as we ramp up the hype for the event.  But in the mean-time, peep this sick video which (by the way) is a little sneak peak at an EXCLUSIVE track to be dropped by Patrick AT Randy Boi Party….BOOM.  Enjoy.

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