The Wild And Wonderful Web: Perpetual Style

Where have I been for this RW hiatus?  I been hustlin.  Naw…but seriously though, I’ve been working on a whole new projecte with a couple of my long time cohorts that’s taken a lot of time and effort on the internetting front.  As well as time out in the field, making things happen.  And in Panera where some of our brainstorming/time-wasting and business decisions went down.  Perpetual Style started out as another good ol’ Tumblr project.  I like posting pictures of fashion and style, and whatnot, so I decided that this was worthy of it’s own Tumblog.  I enlisted the help of my two oh so stylish partners, Will and Habib, to make this thing the best that it could be.  And we’ve done well.  We’re still keeping that going at  But after doing that for a while, we decided that we wanted to open up and expand our project a bit.  So we’ve created PerpetualStyle.COM.  A bigger blog where we have a lot more going on.  Some writing, our personal ideas on style, and a bunch of really nice pictures of the three of us, trying to look fly.  I don’t want to say too much, as I really want you all to check out the site for yourself!  Click on the link in the text or on the picture above of the Perpetual Style Crew to jump to the site.  Below I’ve placed a pretty insanely well done video, shot and edited by my man Habib for PS.  Check it out.  You’re sure to enjoy!

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