New Job: Vineyard Vines!

Hey there, sports fans!  Well…this has nothing to do with sports really, but I just thought that would make for a nice greeting for a day like today (a normal day)!  Anywho, as I so aptly expressed in the above title, I’ve recently procured new employment at the north-east new wave preppy clothing establishment of Vineyard Vines.  V.V. was opening up a new location in the Tyson’s Corner Galleria, just across from the J. Crew there where my man, Will, works, and he sent me a little text message, informing me of the news, and encouraging me to apply.  I followed his suggestion, and now I’m a new hire.  It’s actually been a long road to my working there.  After my freshman year of college, I applied to the Vineyard Vines location in Georgetown for work over the summer.  They took about two months to get back to me,  wanted to hire me, but I was off for school…so that didn’t work out.  I’ve been a fan of Vineyard Vines for quite some time now.  I can remember first seeing some of their ties in a store before they were really a known name at all, and just thinking, ‘Wow! These things are crazy!!’  Now I’ve amassed a decent array of VV merchandise, from their original item, the silk ties,to bow-tie and cummerbund, a light jacket, a parka, several button up and polo shirts, sweaters, a vest, a belt and of course my favorite accessory, hats!  Vineyard Vines is relatively new company for being such a big-time player in the industry, and is a company with a really cool story.  Two brothers, Shep and Ian, who had spent there life growing up in Connecticut, were working boring business jobs in NYC, and decided they didn’t want to anymore.  They quit their jobs, and made ties. They were an instant hit, and the rest is history.  Now they’ve made it onto Rashan’s World!  They’ve come a long way!  Haha!  But seriously, they’ve gone from just a small line of ties, to crafting all manner of apparel that has become preppy staple wear everywhere from Harvard to Hampden-Sydney (I can vouch), and they are rapidly expanding.  Click on the image of their famous whale logo above to link to the Vineyard Vines website, and “Tie One On!”  And if you have some spare time, you should come and visit me at work at Tyson’s Corner Galleria over winter break!  Enjoy.

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