So, by now, knowing that all of my visitors are the coolest cats around, I will be assuming that you’ve seen Kanye West’s brilliant new musical film, Runaway, unleashed upon the world simultaneously across MTV, MTV2, Vh1, and the internet on Saturday.  If you haven’t seen it, then get off of Rashan’s World and quickly head over to to witness, and expand your cultural palette.  I’m not going to give a full review of the film here, as you can easily find that in spades all over the internet.  But instead I’ll share with you a few thoughts on Kanye West in general, and the positivity he is spreading through the art world.  Objectively speaking, from my own perspective of course.  I have for a great while now been a devout fan of Mr. West, and I think if you’ve paid attention, you can tell from my work on Rashan’s World, but I’ve tried to stay away from just blatantly saluting him, trying to be more than just another Kanye fan-site.  But I think that now, many congratulations and exaltations are due.  I appreciate what the man is doing, because he is bringing attention and awareness to art in more ways than just one.  He himself is a creative genius, but he also works with others on his level in different fields, and showcases other art forms.  He collaborated with Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami, helping to elevate both of their statuses.  He’s been working with painter George Condo, on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, who is now getting all kinds of new attention due to his provocative portraits and images for Power, Runaway and the album cover itself.  Italian performance and installation artist, Vanessa Beecroft, was credited as Art Director in the film.  Since the 1990s, she’s been a well known figure in the art world, and perhaps now she’ll be exposed to an even larger audience with the Runaway spotlight shone upon her.  And (since you’ve undoubtedly watched Runaway by now) when was the last time you saw a hip-hop artist showcase ballet?  And not just one waif one point.  But a whole group of talented dancers doing their thing for the world to see, for upwards of five minutes.  Kanye West, you’ve done it again.  I would really love to hear your reactions to the film in the comments section!  Until next time, watch the movie again!  Enjoy.

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