POST #200!!!!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from Rashan’s World for a little bit too long.  It’s because my two hundredth post has been sitting here, looming above me, waiting to be filled with some sort of earth shattering content worthy of a such a milestone.  I’ve turned over a million different ideas in my head for what I should do, but couldn’t decide.  So I elicited the help of some close friends.  I got the advice to do a sort of take on my own fashion style and whatnot, and that is an excellent idea, which you will see carried out soon on these very pages.  Another idea was to do something about my own art….inspiration has been rough these days, but I think I have something going now!  You’ll have to look out for that!  The last suggestion was to just kind of let it go, let it happen, don’t weigh it too seriously, wait for post number 500 for that!  And I guess I’ve kind of gone in that direction.  Just letting you all know what’s up.  Keep living, and keep reading.  Look out for some major moves coming up soon!  Enjoy.

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