The Wild And Wonderful Web: The Madbury Club

The Madbury Club.  What it is exactly still somewhat eludes me, but I’ve been keeping my eyes on the project since day one, and am thoroughly impressed with what has been unveiled so far.  As I mentioned, I’m not quite sure how to label it, perhaps I shouldn’t try, as even it their self manufactured description, the website is portrayed as neither a blog nor an online magazine.  From my perspective, its really a passion project combining the talents and drives of a collective of like-minded individuals, sharing their own experiences and ideas in an attempt to spread positivity.  Much like I attempt to do here with Rashan’s World, but in a unique, new, and thought provoking manner.  The Club compiles an abundance of original content in multiple forms, chiefly photography, video and an affluence (yes, that is a proper usage!) of the written word.  They touch on everything under the son that pertains to them, from food, to travel, to music, style, sports, movies and just all facets of life in general.  One of the brains behind the Madbury Club is Phillip Annand of Award Tour fame, who I’ve written about before on the virtual pages of Rashan’s World.  They have a good thing going on over there, and they have an accompanying Tumblr going on as well.  So check out the video below, and click on the photo above to link the The Madbury Club and discover some people doing some things a little bit differently on this ever evolving thing that I love called the internet.  Enjoy.


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