Musical Mayhem: Alexander Spit

I played one of the tracks from Mr. Alexander Spits’s newest album, Until Next Summer, several weeks ago in my soccer team’s locker room.  Since then one of my friends and teammates, DiLo, has been asking me to hook him up with the link to download the music.  I have kept forgetting about it, and I’ve kept kicking myself every time I see him and realize that I forgot again. So as I was sitting here at my desk in my dorm room, preparing to send him the link, I thought to myself, ‘why don’t I just share this with everyone.  We all deserve some good, new, free music!  Alexander Spit is part of The Hundreds family, coming out of the glorious West Coast city of San Francisco.  The album is pretty cool, with some nice rhymes, and solid left side production.  He mainly talks about normal people stuff like his girl dangling her legs off the handle bar of his bike, and skipping church to watch Raiders games, so I like his content, just talking about his life, and the things he knows.  His track, Our Time, has officially made its way into my constant rotation and it’s pretty much an anthem, so go ahead and click the album image above to link to his website where you can download the album for free.  Enjoy!

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