The Wild and Wonderful Web: Style Scrapbook

I’ve just really began delving into the whole world of the fashion blog.  And this is one I’ve come to follow in a pretty interesting manner.  A while ago, I “tumbled” upon this photo on this guy’s blog, Seeohohelle, (Think about it!) of this girl wearing this sweet green blazer.  There was something about this photo and her gear that made me stop, and think, ‘wow! this girls looks really cool!’  So I reblogged the photo onto my Rashan’s World: Tumblr. Then I was going through this another website,, which I’ll likely profile later on here, where people just post photos of themselves looking fresh for other people to comment on (pretty vain, I know).  So I’m looking through, and there’s that girl again!  So, I clicked on the picture, and found out that she has a blog, so I go to it, and proceed to find out that she’s actually kind of famous, with a successful blog going three years strong (I’m coming up on my first anniversary :)), something like 9,000 followers on Twitter, and runway seats at big time fashion shows.  Such is the life of the fashion blogger as I’m coming to find.  They used to a misunderstood part of the fashion world, but are now being embraced somewhat wholeheartedly by the fashion industry, as they are directly connected to the people and can kind of fill in that gap.  Anywho, the blog is good.  It’s a pretty personal view into the life and style of the blogger, Andy (Andrea), a nearly six foot tall Mexican girl living and blogging in Amsterdam, and travelling all over Europe and the world.  She takes many photos of what she sees on a day to day basis, as well as has someone take a TON of photos of her and her outfits to be devoured by her loving herd of followers.  Click on the photo above to link to her website.  Enjoy.


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