Meeting, Learning, Working, Connecting

You should never underestimate what things can come to be because of the friends that you have and have kept over the years.  And I’m not talking about Facebook friends, I mean real friends that you smile with, share with spread positivity with.  A…week or two ago now, I was just chatting, and catching up with some friends here at school, and got to discussing my experience and tribulations with the fashion industry (t-shirts) in the last year.  Both with Ashley Rose, and with Will and Habib (if you know you know, and if not, I’ll hopefully get around to more detail here in the future!).  So my friend, Marilea, told me about something she’s got going on now.  An internship with some people making a go at their own new brand called Mad Random.  I was more than interested, and she said she’d mention me to the owners.  Lo and behold the next day, I had a message in my inbox from Christian Ivan, we set up a meeting, and now I’m a part of the team under “Graphics.”  Now, it’s not like I just signed a contract, and I’m big time, but it’s more of a situation where anything can happen, but most of all, I’ll get to learn and see how things can be done, what works and what doesn’t.  A positive situation.  Sooo…all that being said.  Mad Random is the love child of this husband and wife team, putting all of their money and time into the project, trying to make it happen.  Click the image of Christian himself above to link to the website, and check out their various articles of clothing for sale, and see what you think of the designs.  Enjoy.

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