Back for the last time…

And now we’re one week in…to the school year that is.  And now in my last year, at my fabled undergraduate learning institution, I will not make another fall return, barring some sort of unforeseen disaster that would cause me to suddenly fail my classes…let’s not even go there…Anywho, I’m a senior, and will be graduating in May of 2011.  So it’s just odd to be here and know that I am going through these normal college things for the last time.  Am I attending class for the last time…no.  As everyone knows, you need an advanced degree to move up in the world these days.

I’ve been extremely busy and tired so far this year, due to soccer, soccer, and…more soccer.  But now that classes have started I hope to get into more of a…flow with everything I’m involved in at the moment.  Including this here blog thing.  I know I’ve been slacking, and I’ve been hearing about it it from some of my faithful, so I’m back.  And I’m going to try and stay on top of it, and keep the positivity spreading via the internet.  So, if it’s been a while since you’ve been checking on the regular…put me back on your favorites, and prepare to indulge in Rashan’s World.  Enjoy.


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