More is coming…

It’s been a while again since I’ve posted.  Too long if you ask me, for I rather enjoy drafting up some creative wordplay for the digital pages of this here internet blog entitled Rashan’s World.  But alas, I have been too busy flying across the world, trying to overcome jet-lag, and see friends and family, all while trying to prepare myself to play soccer, and fly off to another part of the globe in approximately three days.  I’m going to Europe with my soccer team.  I haven’t been back to the old country in many years, so it is a welcome adventure, but I honestly just wish I could slow things down.  My long stay in Beijing ended rather abruptly and I was really not ready to come home and end the stay that had seemed virtually endless mid-summer.  And now that I’m home, I have been trying to pack as many things in as possible before I am back out of the home not to return for any substantial amount of time until Thanksgiving.  And before I go to Europe and report on all of the amazing things there, I really want to get caught up and finish telling you about the rest of my Asian adventures.  I still have a lot of material to unload.  But until then, I just wanted to catch up a bit, and I’ll leave you with this gem I found during my time at Xing-Xing.  This video is a student animation piece all about the ebb and flow of life on the Beijing Subway.  Enjoy.

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