Musical Mayhem: Local Natives

I first heard of the band, Local Natives, from my west coast buddy, Frankie.  He attended this year’s well documented and supposedly (I believe so) amazing music festival, Coachella.  There he saw a number of stellar performances, and heard a lot of music.  But he notified me via text message “check out local natives.  they just killed the 2 o clock set at coachella.  it was siccckkkk”  So of course I was going to take my friend’s advice and check them out.  Unfortunately it took me almost two weeks to do so, because I was missing out on some really good music.  Now I’m not going to get too into their actual musical style and whatnot, because I’m not a music critic or anything, but I know what I like, and I liked their current album, Gorilla Manor. And the album is great all the way through.  It feels cohesive without all feeling or sounding the same.  They have a distinct sound, and I feel like I really know that each song was done by the same people.  A distinctive style like this is something that I really appreciate and enjoy.  The whole Indy Rock scene is something that I don’t have the strongest grasp upon (I don’t think anyone really does) but I really think that Local Natives could be set to go big.  A good performance at a music festival seems to be all some people really need these days, and they did it, with the music to back it up, so, check out the music video to their single “Airplanes” below (a favorite of Ashley’s), and click on the photo of the band above to link to their website.  Enjoy.

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