Life In China: Fake it ‘Til We Make It (Part 1)

As many would assume, and somewhat rightfully so, China is the land of knock-offs.    So, anywho, Ashley Rose and I went to a really nice mall and saw a surprisingly huge bit of ripage.  It was basically a huge Ralph Lauren store, except for the fact that his name was nowhere to be found.  We see this in the US too, pretty much everyone rips off of Ralphie, but this was on a new level.  The designs, the colors, the logos, the styling, the vibe, the displays and even the tags were pretty much directly borrowed.

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Especially bad was the section which held their “Plory” line.  And just so you know, if you couldn’t tell by the photos, Plory = Rugby, Ralph Lauren’s collegiate inspired and targeted store of which only eleven locations exist, only three of them being found off of the East coast.  I’m pretty positive that some “Plory” employee got a copy of a Rugby store display one season and copied it to the T.  It’s filled with old Ivy League college pennants and beat up rugby balls and whatnot.

There was also another line called “Teenie Weenie” (………..).  And I’ll let the imagery of the Teenie Weenie character speak for himself.  But I’ll just say that he bears a remarkable resemblance to another furry dude that I’ve seen on some products before.  I kind of wanted to, but for the comparable Western prices of this classy store, couldn’t bring myself to purchase one of their products…At least I was able to sneak some iPhone pics!  Enjoy.

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