So, if you’re any sort of regular visitor to Rashan’s World, then by now you must know that I am a big fan of one Levi Maestro.  And even if you’ve never been here before, but have been around me for any real time, you definitely know how I feel about this character and what he’s doing.  I follow him on Twitter, I’ve seen all of his videos, and read everything on his website.  I’ve even been contacts with him on Skype for a while now.  He’s always tweeting, saying “accepting calls now @probablynotmaestro,” but I’ve never seen that little green bubble checked next to Levi Maestro…until today.  I was on Skype, about to talk to my friend Will, and lo and behold, Maestro was online.  I kind of didn’t know what to do for a second.  So I called to Ashley in the other room, and said that he was online, and I was going to give him a call.  So I did.  It rang and rang, and rang, with no answer.  I was disappointed, but not upset, so I hung up and typed a little message, ‘I just tried calling, I guess you’re busy…”  And then the virtual, internet telephone, that keeps everyone connected around the globe rang, and it was Maestro.  So I of course nervously answered.  And we proceeded to talk for about six minutes.  No heavy words of wisdom were dropped, but it was a very real experience.  I found out that he was at the time in Seattle, doing some editing work on his computer, and hadn’t been home but for one day, that week, for the last few months of being on the road and in the air.  We shared some other bits of small talk which I don’t need to bore you with here, but you get the deal.  Afterwards, my girlfriend asked me why I didn’t try and leave more of an impression, and maybe try and talk about something deeper.  I couldn’t have agreed more with her, and instantly wanted to relive our short conversation.  But a few hours later now, I really am satisfied with how it all went down, and I was glad that I was just myself and we had a pleasant and natural encounter.  Or at least as natural as a first meeting between two individuals located 8,808 miles away from one another, via the internet can be.  I enjoyed it, and needed to share this with everyone.  Perhaps we’ll meet again.  In the meantime, watch this video of Maestro in action at the Adidas Adi-Cup finals held in Nuremburg, Germany!  Enjoy.


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