The Wild And Wonderful Web: Street Etiquette

I’ve been onto these characters, Travis and Josh, for a minute now, but I’m kinda late in the grand scheme of things.  But I don’t feel badly, as I know they are just riding the wave upwards to new heights, and will only continue to see more success in the near and distant future.  So, let me get to the point.  They run a pretty successful, and high quality style blog by the name of “Street Etiquette.”  With each new post one of them will dissect a particular piece or style, and include photographs of themselves wearing clothes on the streets of New York, and just looking fresh.  If you get nothing else out of the site, at least you can catch a couple of young black men, who stylistically have their stuff together.  Most recently they also have a nice little video accompanying each of the posts, showing you the coolness in motion.  So, I like what these guys are doing.  Nothing too complicated, but definitely sophisticated and just right.  Click the image on Trav and Josh above to link to Street Etiquette. And check out their Tumblr blog for a completely different type of outlet.  Enjoy.

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1 Response to The Wild And Wonderful Web: Street Etiquette

  1. megawill says:

    THis is AWESOME! you always find the coolest stuff dude!

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