Arastic Artist: Frank Frazetta

So, I should have done this a long time ago.  Frank Frazetta.  Illustration superstar and idol unfortunately passed away early this summer in May.  He will always be remember as a great talent, and the producer of many famous images that will stay a part of American culture for many ages to come.  My fascination with Frank Frazetta began, I think in high school, or maybe middle school, when I stumbled upon a couple of books of his art in the library.  I had seen his stuff before, but then, I was like…whoa.  Everything was so action packed and dynamic, and also so beautifully painted and rendered.  And his work seemed perfect to me because it fell somewhere in between the comic book world that I’ve loved as long as I can remember and the highbrow art world that I was becoming more interested in.  When I really became a fan of the man, was when I saw a documentary of the man and his life on television not too much later.  To see the just natural talent and skill that this guy had was amazing.  He drew and painted everything from his mind.  And with how detailed and accurate much of the anatomy in his work is, that is amazing.  And he just lived kind of a great and very interesting life.  He battled with many health problems later in his life, including a horribly misdiagnosed thyroid problem, which severely impaired him.  And check this out…his thyroid messed him up so much that he had to switch drawing hands. Yes.  From right to left, and his work was still amazing.  Anywho, there’s so much to learn about this titan of art, so I suggest you use the resources at your finger tips, and learn a little bit about the man.  Here are some of my favorite Frazetta images for you all.  Click on the self portrait at the top of the post to link to a website where you can check out a ton of more paintings and drawings.  Enjoy.

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