The Wild and Wonderful Web: Gossip Guy!

Soooo…..hopefully by now, all of you have at least viewed the ever so popular teenage television sensation that is known as Gossip Girl.  In case you’re not a subscriber in any way, shape or form to the universe that is pop culture, the show is about a bunch of “privileged” prep school kids living and playing in a world of sex, lies and drama in the upper east side of New York City.  But what really gives the show a twist is that there is an anonymous internet presence that goes by the moniker of “Gossip Girl,” who spreads the scandals like wild fire through the elite group of young subscribers through a series of damaging mass test messages and website posts, including photos and videos sent in by kids from around the city.  So basically she makes the show’s characters lives a living hell.  This past semester at school, my friends and I got pretty into the show and watched everything on DVD that we could get our hands on.  Gossip Girl fever, only a few years late.  One particularly inspired friend of mine decided to take his love for the show a step further than the rest of us and created his own blog.  But this time it’s not Gossip Girl…it’s “Gossip Guy” that’s calling the shots!  This might be one of the wildest sites on the web dear beloved visitors of Rashan’s World, so tread with caution!  But I’m not trying to stop you from giving it a visit, I know this warning will only whet your appetites for the dirty laundry and take on the world from a very unique perspective.  I’m not quite sure if I’m breaking any rules of secrecy by doing this, but the Gossip Guy is actually my good friend, college classmate, and fellow Randy Boy, Jimmy Greene…Err…let’s just call him the “White Kite.”  Click on his beautiful and stylish portrait above to link to OXOX Gossip Guy 32.  Enjoy.


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