World Cup 2010!!!

Ahhhh yes!  After four 365 day groupings, we have once again reached that holiest of sports events that is the FIFA World Cup.  This is the nineteenth edition of the tournament in it’s current form and in case for some strange reason you don’t know, it is being held in South Africa this time around.  And it’s also the first time that the tournament will be hosted by an African nation.  I’m not going to get to into the history of the World Cup right now, you either know, don’t want to know, or can either find out very easily on any of a variety of websites.  The world cup kicked off last night in Johannesburg with the hosts playing against the team from Mexico.  The South Africans opened up the scoring with an awesome goal blasted into the top corner of the goal.  And the Mexicans equalized to leave the game at a 1-1 draw.  I was cheering for the South African team, as they are hosts, and I’m really feeling all of the African teams this time around.  But tonight will be one of the most highly anticipated matches of the tournament.  The United States of America will face of against England.  Yes.  Epic.  And it’s not playing until 2:30 AM, but you better believe that I will be watching!  This is a crazy match up, and it’s terrific that it will be the first match of the tournament for both squads.  So, I recommend to all of you out there  that you watch this game wherever you are, whatever time it is for you, what ever you have to do.  Because it should be epic (And the English are talking a LOT of stuff…).  For those of you who might be like me, and might not just be able to turn on ESPN and watch the game live in your own language, the internet does it again!  If you have a spectacular internet connection, check out ESPN 3, where you can watch everything live.  If you can watch on television where you are but the commentators aren’t up to snuff (or they’re speaking in Chinese ;)) Check out the internet radio sites ESPNRadio and BBC Radio.  And check out to keep up to date with results, news and upcoming fixtures.  Enjoy.

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1 Response to World Cup 2010!!!

  1. megawill says:

    Im Excited that i am actually keeping up with this World cup!!! i stream it on my comp in class

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