Asians Are Crazy!!!: Capsule Hotels

So, this is a new type of blog post I’ve been thinking about making for a while.  Asians are crazy.  By saying this, am I insinuating that all Asian people are in any way, actually insane?  No. I am however saying that while communication and travel are rapidly bringing the worlds of the East and the West together, the two cultures are still so different from one another.  With vastly different histories and values.  But as I said, we’re becoming more and more alike by the day, so we should celebrate these differences while they still exist.  For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be experiencing all of the differences first-hand this summer in Beijing, China…but more about that in the near future!  For now, I’ll introduce you to the capsule hotels of Japan.  For decades now, they’ve been a societal staple.  Just another option that could be coming to the west sooner than we’d think.  You may have seen some pictures or heard something about them in the past.  They are hotels where you have just enough space for what you actually need. Maybe a place to shower, some places to sit, and just a small, personal sized capsule for one to sleep within.  The video I put up is about a new, cutting edge one in Japan.  As for now.  I think that this video could not work at all in America.  We’re too concerned with space and having a ton of it to do with as we wish.  Culturally, the Japanese have become accustomed to making the most out of the little space they have in every way imaginable, in all situations.  It’s a small nation composed of islands, with a population of around 127 million people.  And they’re cities are absolutely packed, making space a valuable commodity.  But watch the video, and get to know a little bit about capsule hotels in general, and particularly this place called 9 Hours.  Enjoy.

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