Wale’s “Diary”

The title could be a bit misleading…this song isn’t about Wale’s diary at all.  But all you have to do is listen to the song to find that out.  So, putting up music videos on here isn’t a standard tactic that I rely upon at all.  I come across awesome videos all the time, but I only really like to share them with you all if the strike a personal chord with me, or they seem to represent something to me.  So, before you start reading into that last statement and thinking about the video, doing some improper deductive reasoning, and assuming that I’ve gone through the same situation as the characters in the video (NOT AT ALL) let me explain.  When I saw this video on Hypetrak just a few minutes ago, it just felt…real to me.  I think it’s because it’s Wale’s video, and I feel connected to his work.  Not that I know him, or in any way feel that as he accomplishes things, I’m going along with him to great success…but he feels like a real person to me.  When I see Kanye West, or Lil’ Wayne, or whoever I feel disconnected to them.  Like their persona is much larger than the person who they really are.  I guess it helps that I’ve actually met Wale once, and I’ve been seeing him for a while now.  I know where he comes from, and he makes it seem possible to take your dream and go.  So, now watch and appreciate this really solid video and great song from DC’s first son of hip-hop.  Enjoy.


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