You talking to me?

So, like many others in this world at the moment, I am the proud owner of a Flickr account.  (Don’t know what that is…check it out here.)  While I actually don’t post nearly all of my pictures there (I usually selfishly horde them in my iPhoto program on my laptop, only to show them to my friends and then get chastised for not putting them on Facebook) but I do post every once in a while, and I definitely enjoy it because I then will watch the Photostreams of some people who I look up to who are actually rather good at taking shots of the world around them.  My two favorites are one 13thWitness, and his father, FUTURADOSMIL (Graffiti legend Futura 2000!!!).  I recommend you click those links and give them both a look-see.  Anywho, so last night before I went to bed, I was checking out the new photos on FUTURADOSMIL’s account and decided to leave a comment.  Something that I don’t do very often, but I think people should do more often if you’re writing something you actually thought about, especially on Rashan’s World!!  Keep commenting people!!  Anywho, I wrote the comment and went to sleep.  After I got out of class this morning, I saw that he replied to my comment, in depth, on the website!  This honestly made me very happy!  I mean come on!  This is FUTURA 2000!!!  I don’t like to flip out over people, but he is legitimate and deserves respect.  So…just a little story to tell of my morning.  And it’s kind of cool.  It let’s me really feel like famous people really aren’t that far away, you know?  Even though it may not seem like it sometimes, they do occupy the same planet as us…just a few more people know about them!  Oh!  And if you get on Flickr (which you should, it’s free) then become a contact of mine here!!!  And click on the picture above to take a peek into our little convo….ENJOY!

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1 Response to You talking to me?

  1. argunda says:

    that’s tight… but I have NO idea what he is saying in that comment

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