Weekend Inspiration

Sorry, it’s been a minute since I’ve really been on top of this whole blogging thing.  I’ve been pretty busy myself, trying to pull off some personal aspirations.  But I know now, from first-hand experience that trying to make something special happen, especially when it’s something that out of the realm of ordinary for you, complications can easily arise, and discourage you from following through, and doing something special.  That is why we all need inspiration.  Some of us, less than others, but all of us need it sometimes.  I guess that’s really what I try and do here with Rashan’s World.  Bring inspiration, for you all, and for myself.  So, now I’ll show you something that’s inspirational to me, and should be to you as well.  This kid, David Abrams, a high school student in Chicago, had an idea, and acted upon it.  Partnering up with Mr. Kanye West and his foundation, bringing it to a reality, and inspiring others, not only to see what he was trying to do, but to do something positive for themselves.  I’m not gonna say to much about the program right here, because it is all well laid out in the video above.  And check out the Kanye West Foundation’s website here to see the good work they’re up to.  So look, listen and learn, and hopefully garner some motivation for yourself from his actions.  Enjoy.


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