Chaz Buzan

So, my friend, David, a phenomenal dancer in his own right,just came to school for a visit today, and showed me this amazing video of a dancer performing what he thinks might be some of the best dancing he’s ever even seen.  We pulled up the video on YouTube, and for the full three and a half minutes that the video lasted, our eyes were glued to my laptops screen.  This guy, Chaz Buzan, is absolutely amazing.  Doing some sort of mix of contemporary and pop locking, he did some things, the likes of which I’ve never seen before!  I’m not usually the hugest follower of dance, as you should be able to tell by the lack of it on Rashan’s World, but I’ve definitely been around it for my whole life.  My older sister has been a dancer for her whole life, and I’ve seen many a dance routine and have come to appreciate the diverse art form.  But anyone, whether well versed or not, should be able to appreciate the display put on by this artist.  Enjoy.

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1 Response to Chaz Buzan

  1. megawill says:

    that was pretty much exactly how you described it. it was cool and i enjoyed it!

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