An Original.

So, by now, if you’ve been around me for the past little while, then you know how I feel about one Levi Maestro.  The creator and star of the internet series, Maestro Knows.  But!  Just in case you don’t know…I think this guy is extremely legitimate.  As I said in the title, an original.  He’s pretty much living the life, staying busy, going all around the world, doing what he wants to do, and doing it all how he wants to do it, while spreading nothing but positivity.  If you pay attention to Rashan’s World, then you’ve seen some of his work on here before, and I’m sure I’m not done sharing his work with you all quite yet.  This piece here is kind of a video portrait done by photographer/videographer, Tone, who is excellent in his own right, about Maestro himself, and kind of what he’s doing with all of this.  Enjoy.  And listen up because Maestro Knows!


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1 Response to An Original.

  1. megawill says:

    This dude makes a lot of sense…getting what you want is as easy as just doing it! i sat and watched a bunch of his videos today and i am now a fan thanks to you!

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