The Wild And Wonderful Web: Unabashedly Prep

It’s been a little while now since I’ve posted something related to the world of Preppiness, and my relation to it.  Am I a “prep”?  In some senses and definitions of the word, potentially yes.  But in my ultimate definition of the term, which is aloof to most would be purveyors of the culture, I am not.  I did not go to prep school, I am not a WASP, and I am not swimming in pools filled by the almighty dollar.  However, I do take an interest in the culture and actions of the preppy “class.”  And what I share with many others is my affinity for the style!  That’s what I’m really choosing to talk about today.  This website that I’ve been sitting on for a while now, “Unabashedly Prep,” serves as a pretty decent overview of preppy, at least as far as the clothes go, for the modern, new age, hipster-prep goes.  Elements of the site are like The Sartorialist, which I have profiled for you many moons ago, taking shots of meticulously dressed individuals off of the street and putting them online for others to look at fondly in admiration.  The website also has lots of other elements, divided into categories like, Culture, Music & Books, Prep Essentials, and Miscellany.  This is definitely an interesting place to visit, and end up spending a solid amount of time at, going through the many archived pages of random preppiness.  And even if that’s not really your bag, it is at least worth a quick visit, so click the image of the Unabashed individual whose been dissected for his preppy qualities located above these carefully chosen lines of text to link to the site.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to The Wild And Wonderful Web: Unabashedly Prep

  1. Thanks for the feature, all the best.

  2. will k says:

    sweet poster. i would love to get your take on hipsters, because i certainly get a kick out of websites like this one

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