Musical Mayhem: Dom Kennedy

His mom calls him Dom…If you’re a fan, then you already know!  Los Angeles native Dom Kennedy, is to me, one of rap’s best kept secrets currently.  I’ve known about him for something like five or six months now, and even I’ve been sleeping on him.  He just came out with a new mixtape, which is good enough in my opinion to be a successful album right now, called “From The Westside With Love.”  The production is good, the rhymes are good, and every track is listenable.  And Dom seems to be a pretty cool guy as well.  I first learned about the man on The Hundreds’ blog, he’s always rocking their gear, and did a little music video for them back in the day.  Kennedy also appeared as the subject of an episode of Maestro Knows back in Season One of the acclaimed internet show.  So, go ahead and watch that above, and click on the image below to download “From The Westside With Love” for free.  A Rashan’s World recommendation!  And click here to link to the man’s blog.  Enjoy!

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