NIKE NSW Stickball x Futura

So…this event has already been covered and reported TO DEATH, and I usually try not to touch on those kinds of topics, unless I have the opportunity to be early.  But this thing is cool enough that I feel as though I would be short changing myself as well as Rashan’s World if I didn’t do something!  So, I’ll keep it brief, because if you really want to find out more, it will be easy to do so with the wealth of information available on the interweb!  Anywho, Nike’s extremely legitimate new line, Nike Sportswear, teamed up with Graffiti and art legend, Futura 2000 to host this really cool game of old school stickball on Mercer St. in NYC, on April 4, this past Sunday.  The game was to bring some hype to Futura’s new collaboration with the New York Yankees (crazy right!) and to kick off the 2010 baseball season, opening that night with grudge match between the New York Yankees, and rival, Boston Red Socks.  The stickball game was played right there on Mercer, by two teams composed of thirty New York locals like Dee and Ricky, Asher Roth, Jesse Boykins, Va$tie Kola, and of course Futura himself.  Futura 2000 customized the uniforms and bats for the event.  And Q-Tip did the music.  Officially the sickest stickball game I’ve ever heard of!  So, check out this neat video, and here are some good links for a ton of photos of the contest!  Enjoy!

NIKE 13th Witness

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