The Wild and Wonderful Web: The Selby!

So, I’ve been knowing about/enjoying this website, for a few months now, and am just now coming to making a WWW post about it here on Rashan’s World!  I’m sorry, because I have been depriving you of some good interneting action.  Unless of course you already know, then I’m just spreading the word a bit!  So, this website, The Selby, is run by and named after this high quality individual by the name of Todd Selby.  Todd is primarily a photographer of many different things, portraits, fashion, interior spaces, etc, though he has a illustrious history of doing many other things, including being a Costa Rican cartographer, a Japanese clothing designer and a tour guide in Tijuana!  A Renaissance Man, my kind of fellow!  Anywho, what he has been doing on The Selby is going into the homes of other creative types, some very well known, others not so much (he started with his friends) and taking pictures, then placing them on the internet for all to see!  So…kind of like a more original version of MTV’s Cribs, or the old show “Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous,” but in photograph format, and on the internet, with a more personal touch.  Along with each posting of photographs about someone’s space he includes a little interview thing at the end, with some silly and some serious questions, accompanied by small illustrations done by the subjects.  Really cool!  So, after reading this post, I hope you make an internet jaunt over to The Selby!  You can click on those highlighted words right there, or on the really cool photo of Graffiti legend, Steven Powers, AKA “ESPO” in his studio at the top.  Enjoy!


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