It’s ALL GONE!!!

In this whole world of “street wear” or “street culture” or whatever you want to call it, exclusivity seems to be the name of the game.  Everyone wants to have the tightest stuff, but only as long as they’re the only one rocking it!  This has been the way I’ve thought about style and especially shoes for quite a long time now (barring the white on whites, everybody’s got ’em, and everybody should ’em!).  But I remember my buddy Christian, thinking it was ridiculous for me not to buy a pair of shoes because I saw someone wearing them at school already when we were in middle school…I guess it’s just a difference of taste and perspective.  To me, if you’re wearing a pair of sneakers, particularly if they’re special in any way, then it just seems pointless to wear something if someone around you is already wearing them.  What are you bringing to the table then?  Anywho.  You get the point.  Now let me get to the topic at hand.  There’s this book called “All Gone,” put together by the French fellow by the name of Michael Dupouy.  I’m not really sure of what his original claim to fame is, but he’s been putting together this book for the last few years, since 2006.  The tome is a compendium of everything in the culture for the preceding year.  All of the fly kicks, the fresh clothes, that Kaws piece you could never get your hands on, and other stuff that you coveted but probably weren’t able to get  a hold of.  I don’t really remember hearing much about it before this year, but this thing is all over the place now.  Check out the sweet Hypebeast TV piece above, and click here to head over to the ALL GONE website where you can browse through the different editions of the book, and the blog along with a little store.  Enjoy.

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