Soundtrack 2 My Life Video

I have a chance to be kind of early with this one, so I had to take the opportunity.  Scott’s video for his track “Soundtrack 2 My Life” just came out today.  If you don’t really pay much attention to Kid Cudi’s music, then perhaps you’ll listen to the lyrics on this one, and see a little bit more of what he’s all about.  I’ve been listening to the guy a lot more in the recent past, ad I’ve learned that even though he can come of as a kind of happy, chill dude, I think he’s actually perpetually depressed or something, and this song is one of his that really illustrates this facet of his personality the best.  And the video itself is actually pretty solid as well.  Featuring a lot of live footage from the artist’s personal life and and live shows and whatnot.  Enjoy.


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