Paul Frank Art Attack

Design genius, Paul Frank has an ongoing art contest occurring over the internet, in which contestants can enter any sort of art that they wish, and have it get voted upon by the world.  I saw this on the blog of one of my favorite art magazines, Juxtapoz, and decided to check it out.  I looked over the entry details, and decided it was too simple, so I’d just give it a go.  I entered one of my most recent paintings, which has been well received in person…but not so much over the internet right now!  So, please click on the image above, go to the site and rate my painting.  I guess rate it how you see fit, but hopefully that is a five out of five!  As I write this, I’ve been getting no love, with a total of 72 ratings, and a miserable score of 1.76 out of five…yeah.  Awesome.  Anywho, check it out, I appreciate it!  And some of the other art on there isn’t too bad either. 😉 Enjoy.

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