Hilarious Impressions!!!

Okay, so as you know, this is not my typical kind of post at all here on Rashan’s World, but this video is honestly too good to not share with everyone!  I’m not the biggest fan of impressions, in particular, but a really good one always has me rollin!  I think it was one of my UN brethren, Argunda, who first brought this to my attention.  And to me, it doesn’t get much better than this.  First of all, my man did Denzel Washington!  Just think about it.  Would Denzel normally be the first guy you would think of to do a hilarious impression of?  Not me.  But this guy does, and he kills it.  It’s the little things like the smirk and cadence of his words that makes it too good!  So, enough from me.  Watch the video, and laugh!

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1 Response to Hilarious Impressions!!!

  1. argunda says:

    Yes it was me!!! Also check out Aries Spears’s impressions they are HILARIOUS

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