Artastic Artist: Parra

A few years back, I saw the art of Parra online.  I was confused.  At first glance, it all seems so simple that you can almost write it off.  But after actually looking at his work, you see that it’s kind of beautiful in it’s own way, and the sayings are very clever and cool.  I’d have to say that artistically right now, Parra is a major influence to me!  He hails from the Netherlands, the son of an artist father, who he actually sometimes still works with currently.  Parra’s popularity began with people taking down his posters in the streets of Amsterdam because they were so cool.  All of his work is drawn by hand, both the illustration and the typography, then most of it is put into a computer and colored digitally.  He now does some of his own personal work, along with creating designs for his own apparel company Rockwell.  He’s also done a number of collaborations with very prominent companies putting his personal touch on their products.  He’s worked with Nike, Vans, and Incase on major campaigns, as well as making posters for various shows, galleries and clubs, and designing skateboard decks for Enjoi.

Click the top image to link to Parra’s Rockwell Clothing Company website.

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1 Response to Artastic Artist: Parra

  1. megawill says:

    this video was awesome. it really got me thinking…having your own clothing company is soooo legit because you get to wear what YOU want and have as many of it as you want. this guy is really talented and i remember that i saw a jacket he did with Nike at Major and i thought it was soo cool and different looking! then i saw your boy Maestro with it on in one of his videos and knew that what i saw in the store that day was in good taste after all. Great find Rashan! i enjoy this site EVERYDAY!

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