The Wild And Wonderful Web: A Culture of Hype

Arguably my single favorite website for quite some time has been Hypebeast.  I go to it almost everyday.  Often time, I make multiple visits in one day.  I look at all of the new posts, check out the links they have, look at the admirable Hypebeast blogs, et cetera et cetera.  And as I was saying, it’s been a daily haunt for a few years now.  But just recently, I’ve made an interesting discovery.  An amazingly similuar website, with a remarkable similar, but definitely different name; SLAMXHYPE.  Different, but there is that key term hype. Like I said, SLAMXHYPE is new for me, but I like it.  Not as much as Hypebeast yet, but it’s cool.  Hopefully, if you’re a Rashan’s World follower, you’re familiar with Hypebeast by now, if not, it’s about time that you get acquainted!  And also, go ahead and give SLAMXHYPE a look see.  I’m actually not sure which came first, but my money’s on Hypebeast.

Sorry, I’ve been away for so long….I have been having some strange technical problems with WordPress.  Luckily it seems that all problems have been worked out, and good blogging may once again commence!

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