Spike Jonze: I’m Here

Spike Jonze.  If you don’t know the name by now…it’s time to get familiar.  Dude is legit.  So recently, I’ve seen this trailer to a short film titled I’m Here, floating around the internet.  And I saw that Spike Jonze was connected to the project, so I immediately gave it a look see.  I’m Here is a love story about two robots living in Los Angeles.  I don’t really know too much about the story beyond that.  It’s a short film lasting about one half hour in lengt.  I haven’t seen it yet.  It premieres online in March.  The project is somehow sponsored by the Swedish vodka brand, Absolut.  And I wouldn’t call this a commercial, but the goal is somehow growth of the brand, I’m assuming.  I checked out the movie’s website, imheremovie.com.  The site is beautifully done, giving the same feel that I get from watching the trailer.  Kind of sad, and simple, but beautiful, and wonderful.  Complex, but I feel those are the types of emotions that I feel one can usually walk away from a Spike Jonze production with.  And the music for the film falls right in.  So definitely check out the website, just navigating around it in and of itself, will likely be satisfying.  I signed up on the website to get “tickets” to the online premiere next month.  All it took was my email address!  I recommend you do the same!

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