Rashan’s Erratic Eye

I’m constantly trying to document the world around me through various photographic means.  Whether it be my iPhone, or whatever random camera I have with me.  I seriously have hundreds of these random pictures on my phone and my computer just virtually collecting dust.  I could just post them all on Facebook, but as time goes on, I am becoming more and more adverse to the social medium, and I’ve for some reason never been a huge fan putting tons of pictures on there, especially of stuff without a connecting thread.  So, I figured, what better to do with them than share them here with my friends and those of you who have magically ventured here by way of the interweb.  After all, this is Rashan’s World!

My current painting, in progress. My first personal art ever on Rashan's World!

The apparently new trend of mini beers that I saw in the grocery store.

Julius, Jimmy, and myself. Trying to be fly.

My sister's Jordan's I bought her for Christmas

A blue rose in DC. The symbol of my girlfriend, Ashley Rose.


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2 Responses to Rashan’s Erratic Eye

  1. habib ahmadi says:

    I like your painting, looks really cool.

  2. argunda says:

    You should do more posts like this one!!!!! Random pictures are awesome.

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